Ready to Race??
These young racers learn quickly and soon they might want to race against other kids. We like when the track has a beginners race. This allows the brand new kids, going 15mph, to be separated from the more experienced racers. We also like the 110% rule. This means if the typical lap time of the experienced racer is 60 seconds, your driver should have around a 66 second lap time to compete safely. Just our opinion but, confidence is important in keeping them excited. You know your driver better than anyone and will know when they are ready.

Drivers Meeting
Every race day between the end of practice and the start of the races there will be a driver's meeting. This is the time when the race director and the flagman will explain the days events. The intent of this communication is to express what is expected of both the track officials and the race drivers. While the content of the drivers meeting may be redundant from week to week, the purpose is so things remain consistent, and that all new competitors get a full understanding of what to expect. This time is also used to answer questions from the racers and to make any announcements regarding something new or something that race officials will be watching or strictly enforcing during that race day.

Each driver's meeting will discuss:

Race order and format for each class.

Line up sheets; line up grids and how line-ups for all races will be determined.

Hot laps, pace laps, and the duties of our front row competitors.

Flags; their meaning, and how they will be used them to officiate the race.

Safety as the key focus to all karters.

Good sportsmanship

Procedures around tech inspection and weigh in scales.

Questions and answers, and any new subjects.

After the track
Each and every time you come off the track, its important to look over the kart very closely. Clean, clean, clean and you will find lose bolts or other things that might need repair. We like to say put a wrench on every nut and bolt just to see it is tight. Check all the safety clips that hold on things like the steering wheel, tie rods, wheels, etc. Keeping your equipment in top notch condition not only protects your driver, but every other racer on the track as well. Again, think safety first!!!!