Changing springs on your clutch can be challenging. Hopefully this step by step tutorial will make removal and replacement of springs a little easier.

Tools Needed: Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1

Pick up the clutch with both hands and carefully push down on the clutch hub using your thumbs. Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

Step 2

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Step 3

You will have 3 shoes and 3 springs, be sure to take the time now to clean thoroughly. Inspect the clutch springs. Replace any worn or broken springs. Worn springs can be difficult to distinguish. Look at the hook area to see if there is any wear. This is usually an indication of premature failure.

There is nothing worse than being on the grid, pulling the start cord, and hearing a spring break. We suggest replacing your springs often.

Tip: Every time you come off the track re-start your motor and listen for a broken spring or at least turn the motor over with the pull chord to make sure everything is free. If the pull chord or motor rotation locks up it is most likely a broken clutch spring. Now you will have time to replace it before your next race.

Step 4

To reassemble the shoe assembly, simply attach all springs. Start with 2 shoes and 1 spring and attach as shown.

step 5

Then attach shoe 3 and spring 2 as shown.

Step 6

Then, using your hands, pull apart shoe 3 and attach the 3rd spring. You will need a strong pair of needle nose pliers to attach the last spring. Grab the hook and stretch it to the hole. Once hooked use the tip on the closed needle nose pliers or a blunt object to pop the spring in place.

Tip: Check all spring hooks to ensure that they have clicked in place. This can save your butt on the grid.