Keeping the carburetor clean is very important with this little motor. Don’t be afraid as it is very simply to maintain. Just remember how it comes apart so you can put it back together the same way. We use brake cleaner because carburetor cleaner can attack the rubber tip of the needle. If the needle swells you can have problems reaching maximum RPM. We recommend changing the needle every few race weekends.

Here are some basic steps to clean your carburetor

Remove the air cleaner

Take out the 2 screws on top of carb and pull out the slide and throttle cable. Loosen the 5mm bolt on the seat side of the carburetor

Slide the carb off the manifold and put it on a CLEAN surface to prepare for disassembly

Disassemble the carburetor paying attention to how it comes apart.

Spray off all parts with brake cleaner and if you have access to it, use compressed air to blow the parts off.

Look for any parts that may need replacing. Replace as needed.

We go through this procedure after every day at the track. The fuel/oil mixture can quickly gum up the carburetor and make it run poorly and be hard to start.