Types and Size

Axles are the key to kart handling and performance. In kid karting, they are one of the biggest sources of chassis performance enhancement. Most kart manufactures ship their chassis with solid steel axles that weigh approximately 8 lbs. Many new kart teams make the change to a hollow axle as their first upgrade. These axles come in both 25mm and 30mm diameters with various wall thicknesses. The weight reduction over a solid axle can be as much as 6 lbs. Recently, the 30mm axle setup has become popular in kid karts. It is significantly stronger than a 25mm axle and less prone to bending. In addition, it makes the kart very stable which can build driver confidence as spin outs are less frequent. It is perfect in damp or rainy conditions where traction is limited.

Rear Axle Components

After reducing the weight of the stock axle, customers often look at rear other axle components for performance. A few key areas are drive sprocket, braking systems, and rear hubs.

While the kid karting rules state that the 89 tooth sprocket is standard, many of these are available in varying weights. Billet sprockets contain much less material and therefore weigh less than many others. PKT's Sprocket Carriers can also be used to lighten up the rear assembly.

Stock brake systems are also an area to consider when looking to reduce weight and increase performance. The brake rotors and brake carriers are available in lighter weights and larger diameters to improve brake force. We also offer a complete performance brake system.

PKT's Rear Hubs are available for 25mm and 30mm axles. The 30mm version comes in 3 different lengths.


Axles can sometimes bend when hitting curbs but often they can be straightened. We offer a complete refurbishing service where we inspect the damage, debur, straighten and polish.